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healing and release


60-75 minutes


an intention


The power of water has always spoken to me. Six years ago I changed my life in order to move closer to the ocean. When I was living close to the ocean, I started healing with this beautiful element. Every surf session I had the ocean was teaching me something new.

Now I can influence the water inside of my body and outside of my body and I am confident enough to start offering water healing sessions in order to connect you with the power of this element.

Every human body is made out of 75 to 85 percent water. That means that when you can influence the water inside of your body, you can influence to a great extent your health. The more connected you become to the water inside of you, the more connected you become to the core of life itself.


In a water healing session we will work with water in many ways. We will create healing water by charging it with a frequency that you want to get more of in your life. I will use different crystals and shells in order to help move the liquid inside of you to bring you into deeper alignment. And we will see which emotions are stuck inside of your body that are ready to be released.

Allow yourself to be surprised and be carried by the healing power of water!

frequently asked questions

What will I experience during the session?

Energy is magic. Thus, it is hard to say what will happen exactly. But the following things could happen:

  • You can receive insights or even see images that can teach you something
  • You can get memories of past lives or visions of the future
  • You can experience peace, a feeling of lightness or a feeling of joy
  • You feel little sensations in your body, such as tingling, light flashes, warmth or cold
  • You can experience different emotions flowing through your body such as extreme joy or happiness
  • It is also possible to experience darkness and heavier emotions: this means a lower frequency is coming to light and is now being freed from your body.
What can I expect afterwards?

Every session is magical in its own way. It is always a surprise what will come. 

For sure you will feel more light and more whole. Maybe you have retrieved an ancient gift that you can now start using in your life. Or you reconnected to a part of your soul that you had forgotten about, a creative part or a playful part for example.

Will classes be recorded and accessible later?

Yes. Classes are recorded so in case you cannot make it you can still sign-up and receive the recording afterwards. Please do let me know so that we do not wait for you during the journey itself.

What technology do you work with?

We will send you a zoom link once you have signed up! Zoom allows us to play music in an easy way during the journeys.

How do virtual classes Work?

Energy can travel through space and time.  Do you know these moments when you think of your mother and she calls you? I use the same principle in my sessions. I create an energetic cord through which energy can flow during the session. You will receive exactly the same benefits as doing a session live. Many people even prefer the online sessions because they can be in their own safe space.

What should I prepare?

You can prepare an intention for the session. It is good to take some time before the session to sit down with yourself and check in what you would like to receive on your soul journey.

During the sessions make sure you are sitting down at a place which is comfortable and where you cannot be disturbed. After the introduction, you can also lie down if you prefer. Also, it might be nice to have a notebook close just in case you want to write down insights straight after the session.

I always advice people to move before the session. This can be any kind of movement. Something that you enjoy and like. Moving simply helps to allow the energy to flow freely and easily during the session.

How do I book?

You can sign up via this link.

Everything will be taken care of from there. You will receive a confirmation and a zoom link for the session once you have paid.

What is important afterwards?

Afterwards it is nice to take some time for yourself. What does your soul need? Myabe you want to be with people, or maybe you need to rest. Your soul will tell you.

I also advice you to move a bit to ground deeper and to drink a lot of water the next few days. It can take 2-3 days for the soul to integrate the journey.



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