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The quickest way to contact me is by writing me a message on whatsapp. Since I am often on the road, please do not call me. You are also welcome to fill in the form below, but please add your country code to your phone number so that we can get in touch easily. I am looking forward to hearing from you!



What happens during sessions?

By now I have done over 1000 different  sessions with people from all over the world. I have seen magic unfold in front of my eyes. Back pain has disappeared after one session and relationships have completely changed. I have seen loved ones coming through and speaking to their relatives. I have seen people grounding for the first time ever and I have seen people being able to get children again after being told they could not.

I believe in magic. Do you?

How long are the sessions?

All sessions take about 75 to 90 minutes and can be done live here in Costa Rica or online. In the sessions you can ask one or two questions about your life or bring in topics that you want to focus on. Based on this intention we will then dive in. I guide you with a combination of different tools that I picked up on my years of traveling across the world. Maybe I will breathe with you, maybe I will speak light language or use the power of my voice. Or maybe I will dance or use musical instruments. I will do anything to help you release the energy that keeps you stuck. So that you can start moving and flowing again. And so that patterns that were with you for years, or sometimes lifetimes, can start to unravel.

What do I need to do?

All you need to do is allow me in your energetic space. I ask you to open the energetic doors and trust me so that I can work with you. It is your task to focus on your own process. To see which emotions come up for you. To see what wants to be seen inside of you. Because in the end you are your own healer. You are the person that needs to see the core of the blockage. I can only guide you to those places and hold your hand while you are facing whatever needs to be faced. I want to empower you to take the steps that are needed to create real and lasting change.

How does that work online?

Energy can travel through space and time.  Do you know these moments when you think of your mother and she calls you? I use the same principle in my sessions. I create an energetic cord through which energy can flow during the session. You will receive exactly the same benefits as doing a session live. Many people even prefer the online sessions because they can be in their own safe space.

How do I prepare?

You can prepare one or two questions that you would like to have answered and think about your intention for the session.

During the sessions make sure you are sitting down at a place which is comfortable and where you cannot be disturbed. It is important to put both of your feet on the ground during the session, so ideally sitting straight on a chair. Also, it might be nice to have a notebook close just in case you want to write down insights straight after the session.

I always advice people to move before the session. This can be any kind of movement. Something that you enjoy and like. Moving simply helps to allow the energy to flow freely and easily during the session.

What will I experience during a session?

Energy is magic. Thus, it is hard to say what will happen exactly. But the following things could happen:

  • You can receive insights or even see images that can teach you something
  • You can get memories of past lives or visions of the future
  • You can experience peace, a feeling of lightness or a feeling of joy
  • You feel little sensations in your body, such as tingling, light flashes, warmth or cold
  • You can experience different emotions flowing through your body such as extreme joy or happiness
  • It is also possible to experience darkness and heavier emotions: this means a lower frequency is coming to light and is now being freed from your body.
And afterwards?

Take some time for yourself! A lot of work has been done, way more than you can ever imagine. On top of that, make sure you drink plenty of water. Also, it might be nice to move around or dance. Most of all, relax! You do not need to actively think about anything from the session, your soul will do it for you. Just follow whatever your soul tells you to do.

The effects of the session can last until 2-3 days after. That means during those days emotions might come out and you might feel a bit different than normal. Maybe you feel more energized or maybe you feel more tired. It is good to be aware of things shifting during these days and not trying to change too much but rather surrendering to the process. You can compare it to a full-moon or a new moon. The energy can just be a bit more intense for you those days as things are finding a new balance.

After 3 days usually the new energetic balance will have taken place, but the process is not done. Even though the energetic blockage is removed, there is usually still work to be done mentally. Imagine you had lower back pain. We removed the energetic core of the pain but your mind still believes that the pain is there because it was with you for over 10 years. You need to start building a new belief. One that fits with the new reality rather than holds you back. It might help to make an affirmation such as ‘My lower back is strong and flexible’ to start building the new program and to help your mind to believe that the back pain is actually gone. I will usually give you some tips and tricks during the session, but feel free to ask me questions about this during the session as integration is key.

How do I book?

I am embracing Pura Vida, also referred to as simple life. The process is thus simple and straight forward. You reach out to me telling me that you want to do a session and we find a time that works well for both of us. We will plan a call via Whatsapp video, Zoom or Skype.