Rise High and dive deep Program

For who

Those ready to step into their soul purpose


Aligning to your soul purpose


11 sessions




  • Understanding who you are and why you came here
  • Aligning to your soul’s purpose
  • Understanding the language of your body
  • Strengthening your intuition
  • Learning how to use your mind in a way that is beneficial to you
  • Discovering and embracing your soul’s gifts
  • Learning how to embrace the fears that come with stepping into your power
  • Deepening your self-love and your love for the world and others


  • 11 highly individualized sessions completely attuned to you (for general program see below)
  • Opportunity to ask questions in between through whatsapp
  • 11 percent discount on all the courses of The Healer Academy
  • Opportunity to join the group Soul Journeys through the Healer Academy for free


The program

  • Session 1: Deeply connecting
    • Establishing the connection
    • Setting clear intentions
  • Session 2-4: Connecting with the body
    • Learning to speak the language of your body
    • Deepening the relationship with yourself and your body
    • Learning to deal with emotions in a constructive way
    • Transcending fears and blockages that are stored inside your physical body
    • TOOLS: sound healing, deep breathing, silence, akashic records
  • Session 5-7: Connecting with the mind
    • Identifying limiting beliefs and thought patterns and transforming them
    • Seeing through the illusion of your stories
    • Understanding the difference between your mind and your intuition
    • Learning how to quiet the mind
    • TOOLS: psychology, meditation, silence
  • Session 8-10: Connecting with the soul
    • Guided Astral Journeys to remember your soul purpose and mission
    • Unlocking your soul’s gifts
    • Claiming your full spiritual and human potential
    • TOOLS: astral travelling, shamanism
  • Session 11: Aligning body, mind and soul
    • Completing the cycle
    • Celebrating the process




















My background

First, I learned how to connect to my body in a deep way. Through playing sports and embracing injuries, but also through studying sports and working as a personal trainer I learned how to connect deeply to my own body.

Then I went on to study the mind by studying sports psychology and working as a mental coach for many years.

And finally my spiritual journey started. I have been through an intense healing journey the last few years. While travelling the world, I travelled deeper within all the layers of my soul and collected soul fragments that I had lost over time. With every country I travelled more and more of my soul’s gifts started coming back: Being able to work with the Akashic Records, Reiki and Pranic Healing, Mudras,  Shamanism, The healing power of water, the healing power of sound, Astral travelling and mediumship. 




I got given a wide range of gifts so that I can act as a teacher for souls that are looking to step into and understand their soul purpose. Because I am so deeply connected to my own body, mind and soul I can connect to your at all three of these levels.

I have the ability to travel to your spiritual body to understand how your blueprint works but at the same time I can act as an observer and see your physical self. My ability to bridge the spiritual world and the physical world effortlessly allows me to guide you on your own soul journey home.

Are you ready to step into your full potential and start living your purpose?


I am not sure I am ready. How will I know?

Come as you are. I welcome you exactly where you are at and we take it from there. You are never at the perfect place or time for this. You are ready when you decide that you want to take the first step.

So if you resonate with me and my words, I invite you to step over your fears and take the first step. 

It is a good trick from the mind to play it safe to say that you are not ready. When we think of the whole process, we block. Simply because it is too big to understand in advance. But the first step we can feel into already. So how do you feel about the first step?

What can I expect from the program?

You can expect that you will:

– have gained clarity about your purpose in this life

– understand better who you are

– have learned to connect with your physical body

– can now use the mind as a tool for your life

– feel a deeper connection with your soul

– have opened new soul gifts

– feel more happy, free and at peace


Will classes be recorded and accessible later?

In general I do not record classes. That is because I tap into the energy that is there at that specific moment in time. Afterwards it is best to let go and allow the new to enter. Listening to a recording can sometimes pull you back into the energy of the past.

That being said, if you want to record it or write down something, you are of course free to do so.

What technology do you work with?

I connect with you through Zoom because in that way I can share my screen with you and play music when we need.

If you prefer to connect another way, I am open for using Whatsapp video or Skype too.

How do virtual classes work?

Energy can travel through space and time.  Do you know these moments when you think of your mother and she calls you? I use the same principle in my sessions. I create a temporary energetic cord through which energy can flow during the session. You will receive exactly the same benefits as doing a session live. Many people even prefer the online sessions because they can be in their own safe space.

What do I expect from you?

There is a few things I expect from you during this program:

  • Full responsibility over your own process. You are your own healer. The emotions that come up are yours and can only move when you allow them too. I will be your guide.
  • Commitment: showing up to the sessions, even if you do not feel strong or perfect. You can trust the process.
  • Cancellation in advance: if you cannot make it, I expect at least 24h notice from you. Otherwise it will count as a session.
  • Love: The greatest healing source of all
What should I prepare?

You can prepare an intention that you would like to specifically look at during the program. Think about: opening my spiritual gifts, allowing myself to express fully, grounding deeply, gaining clarity about my mission.

During the sessions make sure you are sitting down at a place which is comfortable and where you cannot be disturbed. It is important to put both of your feet on the ground during the session, so ideally sitting straight on a chair. Also, it might be nice to have a notebook close just in case you want to write down insights straight after the session.

I always advice people to move before the session. This can be any kind of movement. Something that you enjoy and like. Moving simply helps to allow the energy to flow freely and easily during the session.

How do I book?

I am embracing Pura Vida, also referred to as simple life. The process is thus simple and straight forward. You reach out to me via whatsapp and we can plan in a short phone call to see whether we are the right fit for each other.


How can I pay you?

You can send your payment to my Dutch bank account or you can use Google Pay or Paypal if you prefer.

Here are the payment links: