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In a mini reading I will open your Akashic Records to answer a question for you. You can ask any how, what and why questions that are focused on you, such as ‘What is my purpose?’ ‘What can I do to open my heart fully?’ or ‘Why did I meet this person?’. I do not do third party readings or future predictions.

When you send me your question and your full name, I will usually get back to you within one week with a response. You will receive the response either via voice message or text depending on what I feel called to do. You will also receive a light language activation to allow more energy to flow through you and deeper align your body, soul and mind.

A light language activation is an activation in a language that the mind cannot understand. This allows the language to speak directly to your soul without the mind filtering or blocking that message. Light language is an extremely powerful tool to bring your soul back to your original state.

After the mini reading and light language activation, you will have gained much more clarity and feel relieved. You will also have gained a new perspective which can allow the situation to change and to be transformed when it is time. More energy will be able to flow through your chakras and your body, mind and soul will move into deeper alignment with who you really are.

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect when I listen to the message?

Energy is magic. Thus, it is hard to say what will happen exactly. But the following things could happen:

  • You can receive insights or even see images that can teach you something
  • Maybe you get memories of past lives or even visions of the future
  • You can experience peace, a feeling of lightness or a feeling of joy
  • You feel little sensations in your body, such as tingling, light flashes, warmth or cold
  • You can experience different emotions flowing through your body such as extreme joy or happiness
  • It is also possible to experience darkness and heavier emotions: this means a lower frequency is coming to light and is now being freed from your body.
What can I expect afterwards?

Of course it is only a mini reading but you can expect much more clarity after having received the answer. You will have gained a new perspective on a matter that was stuck in your life. This allows the energy to start flowing again.

The light language activation will bring you into alignment with the new situation so it will deepen the process more adn allow the question to be ‘resolved’ in your life.

For a full healing to take place, sometimes more work is needed and more emotions need to be seen. Please be aware that it is just a mini version of my work and that sometimes it is recommended to choose a full session depending on the topic.

What kind of questions are good to ask?

All questions should be about you and should be focused on you in this present moment. Although I can look into future timelines, the future is always uncertain so I prefer to look at your current energy.

I would recommend asking a what, why or how question. Here are a few examples:

– How can I improve the relationship with my husband?

– How can I assist my daughter best as a mother?

– How can I open my third eye more?

– What can I do to attract a more loving relationship in my life?

– How can I move into deeper alignment with my purpose?

– Why do I feel stuck at work?



What technology do you work with?

Ideally we can connect over whatsapp. In case you do not have that, we can also do the session via email. We will find a way to connect.

How do Virtual Classes Work?

Energy can travel through space and time.  Do you know these moments when you think of your mother and she calls you? I use the same principle in my sessions. I create an energetic cord through which energy can flow during the session. You will receive exactly the same benefits as doing a session live. Many people even prefer the online sessions because they can be in their own safe space.

What is light language?

Light language is amazing! It is a language that the mind does not understand. This allows the energy behind the words to enter your soul directly. With the mind being at peace, the energy can travel into your cells and energetic body directly. This allows your energetic body to move into deeper alignment.

I advice you to just feel into the light language activation. What happens in your body when you listen to it?

What should I prepare?

You can prepare by checking in with yourself and seeing which question arises. I recommend meditating for a few minutes and then allowing the question to simply pop up.

The mind has a lot of questions, but the matters that are truly important in your life often come more from the soul or the body. 

How do I book?

I am embracing Pura Vida, also referred to as simple life. The process is thus simple and straight forward. You reach out to me via whatsapp and explain me a little bit about your question. Please keep it short and to the point. I like to go in as blank as possible.

I will feel into whether the question is appropriate and then I will get back to you within one week with the mini reading and activation.

How can I pay?

You can send the payment to my Dutch bank account or you can use Stripe or Paypal if you prefer.

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