On this page you can find all the different sessions that I offer. Do you feel like you need more space inside of you and do you want to look at blockages in your energetic field? Then an Akashic Record Healing is best for you! If you want to make an astral journey to help you remember the light that you carry within, join me on a soul journey! Or you can get insight into the energy in an entire system through a family constellation. Which one suits you best?

Akashic Records Healing 

Discover where energetic blockages are through the Akashic Records and allow healing to occur

(Family) Constellation

Understand what is happening to the energy of a (family) system and allow the entire system to change

mini reading
Mini Reading

Gain clarity about one specific question and allow the light language to move you into deeper alignment


I have also created many beautiful courses for you in which you can learn more about a topic of your choice over a period of many weeks.

Light: Awakening
Move through your awakening process with ease and joy and get all the tools you need to understand what is happening to you.
Medium: Discover the Akashic Records
Learn how to read the Akashic Records for yourself and others
Medium: Foundations of Healing
Learn the fundamentals of healing, build your own healing toolbox to stabilize your energy.

Join the next group soul journey

Every monday I offer a group soul journey. You will be guided on an astral journey together with other beautiful souls to help you to remember.


“The session deeply moved me and has left a lasting impression. With her uncomplicated, friendly and authentic manner, a very pleasant and trusting atmosphere developed right from the start. I have found answers to some questions that I had carried around with me for very a long time. I am very grateful for this experience. Thank you so much Roosmarijn for „opening doors“ and being part of my journey!”


''Dear Roosmarijn, thank you for the beautiful deep moments. They were so valuable. You tuned in and I could move with you. It felt like a natural collaboration with the higher spirits. After one of the sessions I was allowed to experience a miracle, the cosmic energy came through me and conjured a heart in my fried egg in the pan. Amazing. My heart overflowed with JOY. Thank you Roosmarijn for being pure !!''


"As an intuitive guide, I knew I needed help from someone powerful and trustworthy, and the universe delivered. I am incredibly grateful for Roosmarijn's gifts, for her dedication to her God given talents, and to the universe for pointing me in her direction. The healing work is amazing and incredibly thorough. I feel 1 million times lighter and ready to continue to serve.''